Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ROSE WINDOWS - Bracelet for Starman TrendSetters

Hello Beaders!

This is my latest pattern to come out for the Starman TrendSetter team. It is available to Starman Wholesale customers. I have heard a number of people say "I wish Starman would provide these patterns to everyone"... well, not only does Starman provide FREE patterns to the general public HERE, but they also have a few that are chosen to give to bead stores who purchase through them. This is a way to help the local bead stores stay in business by providing patterns to their customers, and also teaching classes, etc. If you are looking for a Starman pattern, please ask your local bead store to bring it in! There are also bead stores who have online shops that carry Starman patterns. 
For this piece I used the new MiniDuo bead to create a little delicate 4-pointed flower pattern. The inner circle stands above the MiniDuo with the help of 4 SuperDuos (or CzechMates Bars), and rounds. I used 15/o seed beads to encase and connect the flowers. Also, the rounds that were used are from the Sueded collection which is one of my favorite colors for the subtle gold shine on the base glass. LOVELY!
I'm very excited about this piece and I hope you like it too. It's so much fun to wear, and would be great in any color!
Enjoy, and happy beading!
-Lisa J.

Find some stunning versions of my Rose Windows pattern HERE!

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