Wednesday, July 29, 2015

QUATREFOIL BRACELET - Designed for Starman TrendSetters

Hello Bead Lovers!

My latest design is out! I created this for the Starman TrendSetter team. I call this design the Quatrefoil (thanks to my girl Amanda for helping me come up with a name). This pattern is currently available to bead stores, as pattern of the month, for those who place orders from Starman

When you look at the design from the top it looks almost like a vintage 4 leaf clover the way the seed beads curve around. 

I was looking to make something with the new QuadraLentil from Starman so I paired it with the classic CzechMates Tile as the base. The tiles make a great base for almost any design. It's so easy to work with all of the CzechMates beads because the holes are the same spacing so there's no worry about bunching. They fit perfectly together! With the new 4-hole CzechMates beads, it's really easy to get beautiful textures and dimension without a ton of work. The QuadraLentil is the perfect bead to hold this design together and give it depth that it would not normally have with any other bead.
Once you make the main component in this design, you can do all sorts of things with it. It makes good earrings, bracelet, or even a necklace. There are also plenty of ways you can make the same design have a totally different look. Here (photo below) I've added tear drop beads to the center, and it looks more like a flower. (Also the colors really change the look too)

I hope you enjoy this design as much as I do! I'd also really love to hear your feedback if you try it out. 

Happy Beading,

-Lisa J.

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