Tuesday, September 27, 2016

LILY ON THE WATER - By Lisa Jordan

Hey Beaders!

My latest design is out as a free pattern from Starman. I call this Lily on the Water. 
I tend to gravitate to the small beads that provide all sorts of glorious texture to designs. In this one I used Mini Dagger beads which I have used in previous projects like the Dagger Duo which was a huge success. They are like a fringe bead but they have shape to them that picks up light and gives great dimension to your projects. In the center I used a 2mm bead. You can use Firepolish or round either one. The pad of the Lily are made of MiniDuo and TOHO Demi beads. 
There are so many options you can do with this design. You can change the connecting method, and the colors within the design for a whole new look. This works for summer, winter, fall or any occasion! 

Here's my version of earrings from this design:

And another photo of the bracelets:

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